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PARENT: Poseidon - Greek God of the Sea

Layout: Smarts primary, Social Secondary,


Sea Purview:

Water-Breathing: Can survive underwater indefinitely, temperature does not effect him while submerged. *INSTINCTIVE, NOT REMEMBERED*

Water Control: Can control water, and mostly water-based items that he touches, up to about a pond's worth - 30-40 gallons. However he has to be physically touching the water to control it, otherwise, it's not different from a waterbender, except he cannot turn it into ice. *NOT REMEMBERED*

Earth Purview:

Safely Interred: Allows him to survive being crushed by rockslides, mudslides, sandstorms, a building landing on him or being buried alive. Hector does not suffer the crushing damage, and does not have to worry about oxygen. *INSTINCTIVE, NOT REMEMBERED*

Hollow Earth: The ability to instinctively sense any hollow sections or other oddities in the ground, if one's looking for a specific thing like gold - this power just tells it there stuff existing, but not where *CAN ONLY USE WITH TUNING FORK OF DOOM, NOT REMEMBERD*

Non God skills:

Sailing *not remembered*

How to break into highly secured areas *Not remembered*
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Name: Shini
Personal Journal: [livejournal.com profile] robindaybird
Contact: aim Shinigamikitsune Plurk RShini
Current characters: Ky Kiske

Name: Hector Papadelias
Canon: OC (Scion Roleplaying Game)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Role: 10th grade

Background (AU): Hector’s Mother – Catarina Mataxas - a native of Greece was a naïve young woman touring Arcadia when she met and married Nicolai Papadelias, a much older man who owns one of the largest ship-building and commercial freighter businesses in the world – The Papadelias Sea Conglomerate. The courtship and marriage was a whirlwind affair pushed on by Catarina’s ambitious parents.

Once the Honeymoon was over, it became obvious there was a problem in the Marriage – Nicolai turned out to be a very controlling, jealous man who demanded to know where his wife was at all hours even while he spent most of his day running the day to day business of his Company. Catarina was unfortunately prone to periods of great Depression and started to self-medicate to hide her condition. Their inability to have a child despite their attempts (Nicolai wanted a heir, Catarina hoped a baby will fix the marriage) just deepens the rift between the two further.

One night – drunk, and enraged at her husband’s constant suspicion of her infidelity, she decided that if he’s going to think that she’s unfaithful, she may as well commit the act so the accusations are at least true – she sneaked out one night while in Athens and slept with an old friend of hers that she happened to run into that night. A few weeks later, she realized that she was pregnant. She allowed Nicolai believe that the child was his as she struggled and succeeded in stopping her drinking for the kid’s sake.

Hector was born with no health issues, and overjoyed that “their” first child was a son – Nicolai immediately made arrangements to have Hector be legally recognized as his Heir, and plotted out the best education to give to his heir. Everything seem to look brighter for everyone but that was not to last.

As Hector grew older, Nicolai started to notice that he looked nothing like him and the kid started to rebel against his father’s upbringing – being far more interested in biology and the environment then learning how to head a business. The two started to fight constantly, and to avoid dealing with it, Catarina started to drink again – exacerbating the hostilities as the two blamed each other for her alcoholism, which caused her to drink even more – creating a vicious cycle. On top of that, Hector started to exhibit signs of Bipolar disorder - and neither parent knew how to handle a child with a mood disorder.

There was fortunately one thing the two can get along and agree on, and that is their mutual love of the sea. From a very young age, Nicolai had Hector learn how to swim, to handle himself on a sailing vessel, and scuba diving. But when they’re back on land, the truce ends and they start fighting again.

Things changed one night, at a party on a Luxury Yacht – celebrating Hector’s thirteenth birthday; a drunken argument broke out between Nicolai and his ambitious business partner Aaron Bapiste – who felt shafted when Nicolai changed his will so Hector inherited everything. The men took to shoving including Aaron throwing out the rumors of Catarina’s infidelity. Hector saw the fight, and foolishly rushed to stop them but was accidentally knocked overboard by Nicolai when Bapiste lunged at the boy.

Despite his lessons, Hector started to panic as it was dark and they were in a particularly shark-infested region. As he sunk under and saw a shark home in – he felt a presence below him as tentacles lash out and threw the predator away before they wrapped around him like a protective cage, keeping other beasts at bay. He didn’t realize that he was under water far longer then humanly possible until the mysterious protector pushed him up to a life preserve.

After it was all over and the incident ruled as an accident, Nicolai pressed even harder for Hector to learn everything about water safety and surviving, unknowingly allowing the teen to experiment with his awakened Moria powers. What the man didn’t know was that Hector believed it was all his fault and quietly resented him.

And what Hector didn’t know that despite everything, Nicolai did care for him and started to suspect that Bapiste intends to remove Hector as an obstacle to the Papadelias SeaCog chair. So he arranged to have him sent to Sophia Academy, where not only he would receive a top-notch education but also he would be somewhere where Aaron Bapiste could not reach him.

Too bad Hector only sees it as a means to get rid of him and spent his freshman year quietly fuming. He started to read up on environmentalism and throws himself into the cause as well as looking up information on how to break locks and wreck machines - planning on Saving the Earth and taking revenge by sabotaging the Arcadian branch of the Papadelias SeaCog.

Personality: Hector is hot-blooded, and not in a good way. He’s temperamental, and tends to feel his emotions in extremes, from unfocused, giddy enthusiasm when he finds a new use for his powers to boiling rage when someone fails to meet his very high standards, or withdrawn depression when a plan goes wrong, and it can last for weeks on end. He has in fact untreated Bipolar Disorder.

At one end, he is dangerously overeager, unable to properly focus on what he wants to do, tending to start half-a-dozen different new and ill-conceived projects and only finishing about two of them to sometimes-haphazard results. During this period, Hector tends acts with a douchebag-level of arrogance, believing he has an almost divine mandate to save the world from corruption. And when he’s not being a hot-tempered megalomaniac, he behaves as if everyone is a beautiful and great human being, getting too affectionate too fast. This is the most frequent of his emotional extremes, occurring about every other month and lasting for about two weeks on average.

His other extreme is when it feels like nothing ever goes right, even a success just makes him feel like the other shoe is about to drop. People just suck, and it feels almost physically painful to get out of bed – that’s the kind of thoughts that run through his mind during this period. And thanks to bad habits he picked up as a defense mechanism against his family’s strife, Hector has a tendency to just up and disappeared when he gets into these moods, preferring to be on his lonesome. These depressive episodes are fortunately rather rare, only popping up about twice a year, three times at the most, though they can last from one to two weeks.

He’s fully aware of how irrational his mood swings are, but finds it extremely difficult to control himself – sometimes just crying in frustration, feeling unable to articulate what is wrong with him. Hector is scared of his Manic stage, and loathes his depressive episodes.

Hector is normally fairly cynical, feeling that the only person he can rely on is himself – he’s proof of the saying ‘Every cynic was once a disappointed optimist’. He wants to believe in something, but his past experience makes him extremely weary of trusting people. So he completely throws himself into environmental causes, trying to find something of worth, but he never goes to the level of hurting someone or deliberately setting up a scenario where someone can get hurt. What he really wants is a cause to call his own.

Once someone earns his trust, they will find a steadfast loyal friend who will do anything to help. Hector also has a dry sense of humor, and quite sarcastic.

Due to his upbringing, he has authority issues with adult men and often lashes out against them – seeing and hearing Nicolai in their attempts to discipline him.

Moira's Gift: Hector is Hydrokinetic, any water he touches he can manipulate, whether to lash out as an attack tendril, condense it to wrap around someone or to form a barrier to deflect blows. He can’t manipulate the water temperature or freeze it, or move water he can’t physical touch - thus he tends to carry either a sledgehammer or a large wrench if he plans on any serious water shenanigans so he can obtain access.

A side benefit of this power is that he is able to breathe underwater and long as the temperature is decent, he can in theory stay under indefinitely.

Other Abilities: While he doesn’t need it, Hector is scuba-certified (including knowing all the relevant gestures) – and experienced with scuba gear as so he can help others in distress. He’s also a very good sailor, able to handle most sailing vessels on his own, work complicate knots, use navigational equipment, and to a certain extent get a bead on the change in weather from feeling the air pressure, watching the movement of animals, and paying attention to the direction of the wind.

He learn to handle himself around computers thanks to his father’s insistence that he needs to do a little bit of everything, so he learn how to secure his computer from attack, and from that some basic tricks on breaking passwords – but he won’t be able to bypass any sophisticated system.

Name: Kharybdis

Appearance: Measuring 60 feet long from the end of the longest tentacle to the top of it’s head, Kharybdis resembles a fantastical, ocean-blue colored Squid with ten tentacles – with two of them longer and covered with deadly barbs, in the center of the tentacle mass is a gaping, toothed maw, large enough to swallow a man whole. Its head is covered with soft, flexible teal and green frills and dozens of multi-colored eyes.

In the combined form, Kharybdis is mostly humanoid with tentacles growing from the back and waist, with the mouth appearing over the chest. The frills form a kind of face-obscuring helmet and also appear on the arms and lend the combined form a sort of merman appearance.

Primary Attacks: It’s tentacles are the most obvious weapons, with barbs to slash at the foe, or to use to strangle or toss around enemies like rag dolls.

Kharybdis can swallow people whole, but this attack does not hurt the victim – though it is INTENSELY unpleasant – being hot and humid inside Kharybdis, and full of slime as well. The Archon can spit out the people it swallow, and if it vanishes while someone is inside it, the person reappears in the real world unharmed – though slime-drenched.

Special Ability: When in water, Kharybdis can create a massive vortex with it’s mouth, drawing all those in the water into it’s maw, or drain the body of water dry.

RP Sample: http://testrun-box.livejournal.com/88430.html testrun


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